The best financial plan balances wealth accumulation with a solid foundation of protection. Life insurance can provide businesses and individuals with the resources to continue to thrive, even when the unexpected happens. Firstrust Financial Resources works with a team of experts, and partners with the largest life insurance company in the world, to tailor a plan specific to your concerns.

For Individuals and Families

If you are a single income or even a dual-income household, the paycheck you bring home allows you and your family to maintain your current lifestyle. Many of your future goals depend on this income. Some of the benefits of a life insurance policy include:

  • Income Continuation
  • Estate Planning
  • Paying off large debts
  • Funding a child’s education
  • Continuing care for someone with special needs

For Businesses

You’ve worked hard to build and maintain a thriving business, and being prepared for anything is almost as important as continued productivity. You may have one or two key employees, without whom your business would suffer. You may want to eventually sell or transfer your business. A professional life insurance strategy can manage many of these concerns, including:

  • Funding a Buy/Sell agreement
  • Protect against the loss of a key employee
  • Retaining and Rewarding your best employees
  • Business Succession