Services We Provide for Businesses

Business owners can take control of their finances with approaches designed for a broad range of needs and hundreds of product choices to implement these strategies.

It’s no secret that the employee benefits landscape is more challenging than at any time in history. Skyrocketing costs, increasing regulatory complexity and constantly changing employee expectations have become the norm, creating confusion and clouding the benefits picture forbusinesses of all shapes and sizes.

With little transparency in the process and no clear path forward, many organizations are forced to rely on one-off suggestions from consultants focusing on a small slice of the total benefits picture. That siloed approach often leads to inconsistent quality, inefficient processes and increased costs across the board.

Some of the services and programs we provide include:

  • 401(k)/Qualified Plans
  • Group and Voluntary Benefits
  • Executive Benefits
  • Buy Sell/Succession Planning


At Firstrust Financial Resources, we recognize that success in the new benefits dynamic requires a broader view and a deeper level of expertise. That’s why we developed our BeneVision360° Approach -- a proprietary model where a proven team of financial professionals provide insights, identify opportunities and deliver value across the entire benefits spectrum.

Unlike segmented models that consider different parts of the picture in a vacuum, our integrated approach goes deeper, simultaneously considering the business impact and workforce implications of each vital benefits component. The goal is to have a clearer benefits vision, a smarter benefits approach and a positive business impact.


Our approach begins with a detailed discovery process called the Firstrust Firstlook. It’s a thorough review and analysis of each critical benefit program – employer-paid, employee-paid and retirement.

Through this process our team of specialized experts puts every program and pricing detail under a microscope, applying unmatched experience to identify Benefits Blindspots most organizations and consultants miss.

These blindspots are inefficiencies or vulnerabilitiesin cost, coverage, compliance or communications that compromise an organization’s ability to maximize the value of its benefits programs.

After we’ve identified Benefits Blindspots, our team benchmarks against current market conditions and applies industry best practices to deliver customized plan recommendations proven to enhance program quality while reducing overall benefits costs.

A team of experienced professionals

The straight relationship sell is a thing of the past.

The reality is that old-guard brokers who operate with a group of sales generalists may not be able to provide the value businesses demand in today’s complex and hyper-competitive benefits landscape.
That’s why FFR’s model is driven by a team of professionals with deep experience and knowledge in their individual area of focus. From health, life and disability to voluntary benefits to qualified retirement plans,we have a qualified professional to help you meet your needs.

Our skilled professionals draw on extensive expertise to identify challenges and deliver customized recommendations tailored to the specific needs of each client and each benefit area. Throughout the process our experienced professionals work together as a cohesive unit, sharing information and insights to help gain a more comprehensive benefits view. For our clients the result is not just greater transparency, it’s an integrated set of solutions that may drive greater benefits and business outcomes.

Financial education and communication


With ever-increasing regulations and requirements, the benefits picture and the overall financial landscape are hard enough for the financial professionals to understand much less the average employee. And if employees don’t understand their options, they’re certainly not going to get the most value out of the program.

At FFR we understand the importance of employee education and we’ve developed a program to help achieve greater workforce engagement. Unlike some other programs, we don’t bury employees in boilerplate reading materials, we deliver practical workshops and education tools that help employees gain a greater understanding of their options while aligning their workplace benefits with their personal financial goals.
The result is more educated employees, a more engaged workforce and greater overall value for businesses from their benefits programs.

Some of the services and programs we provide include:

  • Customized communication materials
  • On-site financial education workshops
  • One-on-one employee advice and financial guidance sessions

Service and ongoing support


At FFR everything we do is designed to drive value for our clients in the benefits process – from program development and pricing to benefits administration and ongoing support. We keep an eye on their benefits programs so they can focus on what’s most important to them -- growing their business.


When it comes to benefits administration we don’t rely on outside vendors to oversee important tasks like enrollment. We own the process, providing our clients with access to cutting-edge technologies that automate key functions and ease the administrative burden at every step. For many of our clients, we are able to bring these enhancements with minimal or no additional cost.


In today’s competitive benefits landscape the set it and forget mentality just won’t cut it. That’s why we conduct regular program reviews to help ensure the highest level of efficiency and value for our clients. That means reviewing fund performance and employee utilization for retirement plans, monitoring claims trends and pricing triggers for insurance plans and looking for inefficiencies, innovations and opportunities for improvements across the benefits spectrum.


At FFR we’ve always held ourselves to the highest standard of ethical conduct and now we’ve formalized what we done intuitively for so many years. We have Professionals who have the ability to act as a fiduciary on retirement plans and accepting financial accountability. While some firms may shy away from the responsibility, we embrace it. Because that’s who we are and that’s how much confidence we have in our expertise.

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